Oukaning Aerodynamic Concrete Cutting Chainsaw 2-Stroke Air-Cooled Adjustable Automatic

Oukaning Aerodynamic Concrete Cutting Chainsaw 2-Stroke Air-Cooled Adjustable Automatic

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Size: total length 90cm (35.43 inches)

Cutting diameter: 20 inches

Net weight: 6.5KG (14.33 pounds)

Displacement: 52cc (cm3)

Maximum chain speed: 16000 (m/s)

Idle speed: 2800RPM

Startup mode: self-reset pull start

Mixing oil ratio: 25:1 (gasoline 25 . two-stroke engine oil 1)

Working speed; 18000R/MIN 9.0KW

Fuel tank volume: 550ML

Chain fuel tank volume: 260ML

Ignition system: no contact point

Refueling system: automatic with regulator


①Before using the chain saw . you must read the manual carefully and operate in strict accordance with the requirements of the manual to ensure the safety and longevity of the product.

②Pay attention to the tightness of the guide chain during installation (pull up the chain with your hands . the distance between the chain and the guide is 3-5 mm) . otherwise it will affect the use effect.

③The mixing ratio of gasoline and engine oil is generally 25:1 . but due to the difference in oil quality in various regions . we recommend using a ratio of 20:1. The recommended engine oil is Mobil two-stroke special engine oil (rejection of cheap engine oil)


1. Safe . efficient and convenient

2. Imported quality

Sufficient fuel . fuel-efficient . high-quality core components . cast high-quality gasoline saws

Imported configuration . strong power . easy to ignite . easy to start

3. Suitable for industrial grade all-weather use

4. High-grade non-slip handle

Comfortable . non-slip . shock absorption . effectively reducing fatigue at work

Packing list:

gasoline saw logging saw

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