Fichiouy 4-Stroke 1.9 HP Gas-Powered Chain Pole Saw Tree Trimmer with Extension Pole 1.5m

Fichiouy 4-Stroke 1.9 HP Gas-Powered Chain Pole Saw Tree Trimmer with Extension Pole 1.5m

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Product Description

Make your home and yard clean-up quick and hassle-free with this power pole saw

➽ The electric chainsaw with a pole is powerful enough to cut through branches that are up to 0.65" thick. This pole chainsaw makes your yard clean-up quick and easy. You don't need to step on a ladder to cut high branches that are difficult to reach. The adjustable cutting head angle allows you to cut cleanly with immense precision.

Fichiouy power pole saw to make trimming and pruning quick and easy

➽ The cord retention hook on this pole saw combo is convenient because it prevents the power cord from being entangled during intense woodcutting. This also avoids the pole trimmer from slipping away from your grip while in use. As a corded electric tree pruner . the cord retention hook is an important feature to give you an uninterrupted and comfortable cutting experience.

Adjustable cutting angles

➽  You can freely adjust the cutting angle.The chainsaw can help you cut far branches with ease without even getting on a ladder. Scotts electric pole saw can help you reach high branches and cut through hard-to-reach areas by adjusting the chainsaw to effectively cut the target branch or limb and evading any obstacle above.

☆ Note: It is necessary to add oil to the engine oil tank and gasoline tank to mix . shake it evenly before use.

Product parameters

Form: single cylinder . air-cooled . four-stroke gasoline engine

Model: Tutian-140F

Displacement: 37CC

Length: 1.5m

Material: Aluminum alloy

Size 35*35*170cm (plus pole)

Maximum no load: 10000r/min

Maximum power: 1.0KW/7000RPM

Fuel: 92# or 95# pure gasoline

Fuel tank volume: 0.7L

Weight: 3.8KG

Engine oil volume: 65ML

Scope of application: Landscaping . sawing high-altitude branches . small trees . etc.

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