800ML HVLP Paint Sprayer Handheld Cordless Electric Spray Gun Machine 20V

800ML HVLP Paint Sprayer Handheld Cordless Electric Spray Gun Machine 20V

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A Super Fine Paint Sprayer . Cordless Spray Gun for Countless Painting Projects . 3 Superior Brass Spray Tips . 3 Spray Patterns . 800ml . 160 L/min


This Product Can Be Used to Spray Paint . Coatings . Formaldehyde Treatment . Family Guardrails . Floors . Furniture . Walls . Vehicles . and Other Surfaces.


1) Unlock Button: The top of the paint sprayer is designed with an unlock button . which allows you to quickly disassemble the machine and provides convenience for you.

2) Test Funnel: We provide you with a test funnel so that you can test the viscosity of the paint before use so that you can carry out the spraying work more smoothly.


Model: Q0P-CX33-380

Color: Red . Black

Material: ABS Shell . Copper Core Nozzle . Plastic Spray Jug

Usage: Hand-held

Voltage: 110V

Rated Votage: 18-20V

Frequency: 60HZ

Rated Speed: 30000rpm

Lithium Battery: 20V . 2000mAh

Rated Power: 120W

Air Flow: 160 L/min

Paint Flow: 100-200 ml/min ( 0.026-0.052Gal/ min )

Nozzle Diameter: 2.5mm/ 0.0984in . 1.8mm/ 0.0709in . 1mm/ 0.0394in

Spraying Distance: 20-25cm/ 7.87-9.84in

Spraying Width: 20-30cm/ 7.87-11.81in

Viscosity: 8-12s

Spray Jug Capacity: 800ml/ 27.05oz

Overall Length of the Product: 29.8cm/ 11.73in

Overall Height of the Product: 28cm/ 11.02in

Package Size: 26*17*20cm/ 10.24*6.69*7.87in

Net Weight: 1.6kg/ 3.53lbs

Package Included

1* Paint Sprayer Body

1* Paint Sprayer Head

1* Spray Jug

1* Lithium Battery

1* Charger

1* Funnel

3* Nozzles

Other Needed Accessories


1. Please note that it is not recommended to spray emulsion paint on this product . because the effect of spraying will be poor if the dilution is not up to the standard.

2. After receiving the machine . use clean water to test the power and atomization effect of the machine. But please do not test directly with paint or paint.

3. Please adjust the viscosity of the coating before spraying . which is generally applicable to the coating that can flow through the funnel within 20-40s.

4. The spray gun shall be sprayed at a uniform speed.

5. It is recommended to keep the spraying distance about 30cm.

6. When the spray gun is spraying upward . please do not loosen the trigger . or the paint will flow back into the motor . causing damage to the machine. Please do not spray the machine vertically upwards. It is recommended to spray the top at an angle of 45 °.

7. Please clean the spray gun and spray pot in time after use to prevent the nozzle from being blocked due to dry paint.

8. Cleaning Method: put clean water into the watering can and spray it for about 30-60s. Be sure to thoroughly spray the residual dirt in the valve core until clean water is sprayed.

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