24" 68CC Gasoline Chainsaw Cutting Wood Gas Sawing Aluminum Crankcase Chain Saw

24" 68CC Gasoline Chainsaw Cutting Wood Gas Sawing Aluminum Crankcase Chain Saw

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"68CC Gasoline Chainsaw Cutting Wood Gas Sawing Aluminum Crankcase Chain Saw

High-quality Bar and Chain
High-quality imported steel chain: With good wear resistance . the service life is more than 5 times compare with ordinary chain.
High-efficient bar: Can bear high temperature . with good wear resistance . using safe and reliable.
Guide bar cover: Equipped with a guide bar cover . can effectively protect the chain from rust and prevent accidental.

Well-made Chainsaw
Poweful engine: 3.0KW power motor offers a consistent performance; Reduce fuel consumption up to 20%.
High-quality chassis: The surface uses new ABS plastic materials . can bear high temperature and anti-aging.
Internal structure: split sprocket . easy to maintain; made of three-tier gasoline filter; when temperature is high . it won't turn off . suitable for all-day use.

Ergonomical Design
Luxury handle: Equipped with comfortable slide-free handle . can effectively reduce the machine shake and keep balanced . operating is more comfortable.
Safety valve Throttle switch: Could against accidental starts and ensure user safety. Use safer.
Easy to Start: Starts easily by simply pressing the throttle trigger and valve throttle protection switch.

Condition: 100% Brand New
Engine: single cylinder . air cooler . 2-stroke
Bar Length: 24"
Model: 68CC
Power source: Gas
Fuel tank capacity: 550ml
Oil tank capacity: 260ml
Engine displacement: 68CC
Fuel mixture ratio: 25(90#gasoline):1(2-cycle oil)
Chain oil: MOTOR Oil SAE # 10W-30
Engine displacement: 58cm³
Max Engine Power: 3.0KW 12000rpm/min
Max Engine Speed (at Idling): 2800±200 r/min
Maximum cutting length: 24"
Sprocket: 7T x 0.325
Saw chain type: K2

Package Included:
1 * Chainsaw set

1. Turn on the Start Switch
2. Open the Air Door Switch
3. Pull the Starter a Few Times Until You Hear "Bang Bang"
4. Close the Damper
5. Press up and down at the Same Time
6. Pull the Throttle Switch of the Pull-down Rope Again to Start Successfully

This is an industrial-grade chainsaw . which can be used for a long time compared with ordinary chainsaws . Ordinary chainsaw will heat up and burn out the side plates of the chainsaw after a long time of use."
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